Swiff Audio M1 Wireless Microphone System transmitter

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The new M1 Wireless Microphone System from Swiff Audio gives you more freedom than ever before. Slim design but powerful. You simply lose the cord and let the M1 do the rest. Perfect for stage or wherever your dynamic microphone is used. Better price than many of the competitors, but no quality has been sacrificed. For Podcasts, Stage Play, Interviews, M1 gives you the Freedom.
  • 2.4GHz wireless microphone system designed for those who want to enjoy their favorite wired microphone as wireless.
  • For "any" Dynamic mic set up ( Stage, Podcasts, Interviews) Wireless Freedom !
  • Slim design. Quickly and easily connects to the mic and input XLR jacks on your mixer or Audio Source.
  • 30 meters ( aprmx. 100 feet) transmission range. Long life battery Power.