MYSTERY BOX! With assorted items for a Electric Guitar Player!

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Mistery Box! With assorted accessories for musicians and guitar players 

Items comes Brand New and Unopened and sealed in it's original packaging.

You are purchasing a completely randomized Mystery Box!!! The things that can be included range from electric guitar accessories, tools, apparel, electronics, headphones, mini amps, souvenirs, parts, etc.

It is a Funny game as what you will get is a surprise. You will be receiving products from well known brands like: Fender, D' Addario, Gibson, etc... and Not know brands that maybe you wouldn't look for them on line but that you would be surprised with the quality and finish! it is a great opportunity to give those products a try.

This Mistery Box is Youtube friendly!! Keep in mind no refunds will be given as this is a mystery box purchase! You will get your moneys worth!