Maestro Vintage Original Instrument Patch Cables, 2-Pack

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Maestro 6" Patch Cables are the perfect length for connecting effects pedals and other signal patching needs, faithfully carrying the signal without the tone-robbing effects of cable capacitance. Using only premium, low-capacitance conductors, each cable is fully shielded for low-noise performance. With their low-profile right-angle connectors, these cables minimize the space needed between pedals, allowing for more compact pedal layouts. 

  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Low capacitance to protect your tone
  • Premium 22 AWG conductors
  • Fully shielded
  • Dual right-angle 1/4" molded plugs
  • Durable construction, with PVC outer jackets
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • RoHS Compliant