Laney CUB-HEAD 15 W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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The CUB-HEAD houses three ECC83's in its preamp and two EL84's in the power amp section, all hand-selected to give the best valve tone possible. It has two input options, one giving you 15 W of tube tone, the other giving you a huge tube sound but cutting the output down to .75 W. The rear panel of the CUB-HEAD houses two speaker out sockets in 8 and 16 ohm options, a footswitch socket for switching the reverb and an effects loop consisting of a Send/Line out socket and a return socket.


  • Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume and Tone controls
  • FX Loop
  • Two EL84 tubes
  • Three ECC83 tubes
  • 15 W
  • Weight: 15 lbs / 7.50Kg