La Bella HRS-71 Electric Guitar Stings - Nickel Round - 7 String, 09-64

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La Bella 7-String Electric Guitar strings offer players well-balanced sets for either standard or drop-key tunings. Constructed with thicker cores, these sets correct the tension for de-tuned riffing, while preserving the feel and overtones for guitar solos in the higher register.

The ultimate Rock guitar string, the HRS series are very bright and long-lasting. These nickel-plated steel round wound strings are super-flexible for bending and sustaining notes.

  • .064 / 7th String is wound at 33″
  • Nickel-Plated Round Wound
  • 7-String Set
  • String Gauges: .009, .011, .016, .026w, .036, .046, .064
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
  • Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness