JHS Charlie Brown V4 Channel Drive Pedal

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JHS Charlie Brown V4 Drive Pedal
Overdrive-distortion Guitar Effects Pedal with Volume, Drive, Bass, Mids, and Treble Controls

The JHS Charlie Brown V4 channel drive pedal imbues your amp with the sound, feel, and the very soul of the legendary Marshall JTM45. With the Charlie Brown, it's child's play to coax tones out of your guitar amplifier that will make single-coils sing and humbuckers scream. When they designed the Charlie Brown, JHS went to great pains to replicate a full Marshall-style tone stack. When cranked in either direction, the Charlie Brown's tone controls act as cuts or boosts.

  • Overdrive-distortion pedal that replicates the Marshall JTM45
  • Volume control mimics the master volume on an amplifier
  • Drive knob controls the amount of dirt or overdrive
  • Bass, Mids, and Treble controls replicate a full Marshall-style tone stack