Hotone Patch Kommander 4-Channel Programmable Loop Switcher

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The Hotone Patch Kommander is a lightweight, 4-channel programmable effects loop switcher that keeps your guitar pedals and effects in order. In addition to a compact and solid stomp box design, the Patch Kommander offers four true bypass loops with two versatile switching modes, not to mention a built-in input buffer, an ultra-intuitive control and more. With additional functionality, the Patch Kommander is ideal for any guitar player with multiple effects pedals looking to be set free from complex patch programming.

Compact and Solid Stompbox Design
Considering a 2.25" x 2" x 15.75" footprint that weighs just over a pound, the Patch Kommander is a compact, lightweight tool that offers an abundance of desired loop switcher features in a highly-portable package. Taking it a step further, the Patch Kommander's solid aluminum alloy chassis makes its simple stompbox design both rugged and roadworthy.

Two Versatile Switching Modes
Its two switching modes make the Patch Kommander a more versatile loop switcher than most. Direct mode is great for musicians who want to clean up their pedalboard’s signal chain. The Patch Kommander allows for easy access to four independent loops without running your audio signal through every pedal on your board. Meanwhile, Preset mode allows for 12 different combinations of loops (any combination of a single loop up to all four loops at once). This is ideal for musicians that want to turn multiple pedals on and off simultaneously.

Additional Functionality
The Patch Kommander's dedicated Mute/Tuner function with independent tuner output make it easy to tune up or change tunings on stage without having to dedicate a preset to the tuner. The built-in buffer prevents high frequency loss in your signal chain and can be turned on or off with the switch of a button. The Patch Kommander runs via a standard 9V DC (center negative) power supply (sold separately), which is used with most effect pedals.


  • Compact, aluminum alloy 4-channel programmable effects loop switcher
  • Four independent relay-based true bypass audio loops
  • Switchable high-quality input buffer for preventing high frequency loss
  • Mute/Tuner function with independent tuner output
  • SW A/B function for amp channel switching
  • Two switching modes:1. Direct mode for instant access, 2. Preset mode with 12 programmable presets (4 presets × 3 banks) for different combinations
  • Ten stick-on rubber feet and owner's manual included