Gibson Guitars ATMT-01 Multi-Tool Black

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The Gibson Multi Tool provides guitar and bass players with a highly functional and ultra compact tool set. The ATMT01 provides all the tools needed for basic work, including bridges and truss rods, on most makes and models of electric guitars and bass.


- Side A:
- 5/16" Truss Rod Socket
- 4mm Slotted Screwdriver
- 1/8" Hex Key
- 1/16" Hex Key
- 0.05" Hex Key
- Lever with laser engraved reference marks (3/64" and 5/64") for adjusting action at the 12th fret

- Side B:
- 1.5mm Hex Key
- 2mm Hex Key
- 2.5mm Hex Key
- 3mm Hex Key
- #1 Phillips Screwdriver
- #2 Phillips Screwdriver