Gibson Accessories SAG-BRS10 Masterbuilt Premium 80/20 Bronze Super Ultra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Gibson Masterbuilt Premium 80/20 Mediums Bronze alloy strings are known for their perfect balance of crisp, bright tone and playability. These strings - the very same that come with Gibson Acoustic instruments - bring out the true acoustic sound that only can come from a historically constructed, hand-built guitar. Gibson's Masterbuilt Premium 80/20 Bronze strings are ideal for all acoustic body designs, and for all playing styles.

Just like Gibson instruments, authentic Gibson strings are American-made and world-played, utilizing strict quality control methods to ensure tone, durability and consistency. All Gibson strings feature specs absolutely unique to Gibson and are factory sealed to guarantee freshness in every set.


  • .10, .14, .23, .30, .39, .47 Gauges
  • Bronze alloy wound strings
  • Crisp, bright tone and playability