Gibson 490R Modern Classic (gold) neck

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The Gibson IM90R-GH 490R Humbucker Guitar Pickup Classic Gold is one of Gibsons “Modern Classic” range of humbuckers and has been compared to the tone of the ever popular ’57 Classic, only with an increment of definition in the upper mid-range.  The 490R is perfectly matched and calibrated to the 490T (placed in the bridge position) and both incorporate Alnico II magnets to deliver their smooth response. This pickup is chrome plated and its pole pieces are neck spaced.

The main features of the Gibson IM90R-GH 490R Humbucker Guitar Pickup Classic Gold include:

  • Passive Humbucker
  • Alnico II Magnet
  • 4 Conductors
  • Gold Cover
  • Manufacturer: Gibson


  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Design: Humbucker
  • Wiring: 4-conductor
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Position: Neck
  • Magnet: Alnico II
  • DC Resistance (kOhm): 7.4
  • Active pickups: No
  • Version: Gold Cover