Electric Guitar Accessories Bundle - Capo, Strings, Clip-on Chromatic Tuner, & Finger Exerciser

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This kit is perfect for Electric guitar players of all levels, the kit includes a set of Olympia Electric Guitar Strings 010-046 Corrosion Resistant Regula Light, one black or Silver MJ Audio Capo, an MJ Audio Finger Exerciser, and a Chromatic Tuner that you can also use to tune your bass, violin, and ukulele. 


    • Olympia Strings CTE-1046: Olympia Pro CTE guitar strings deliver great tone, durability, and accurate intonation, this strings are manufactured to the highest standardts to enhance your musical enjoyment and performance.
    • MJ Audio MJ-400 Tuner: The MJ Audio Chromatic Tuner is great for tuning Guitars, Bass, Violins, and Ukuleles. It clips-on, and it has a 360 degree rotatable design. 
    • MJ Audio MJ-09 Guitar Capo: This capo fits most guitars, it's easy to use, and it's also manufactured with premium materials for a durable and long-lasting life.
    • MJ Audio Finger Exerciser: One of the most important things a guitarist can do to improve their technique is to build up strength in their hands and fingers, this MJ Audio finger exerciser has a great grip, a perfect tension for your fingers, and its made with durable materials.