Classic Guitar Accessories Kit - Capo, Strings, Clip-on Chromatic Tuner, & Finger Exerciser

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This kit is perfect for Classic guitar players of all levels, the kit includes a set of Olympia Strings 0280-043 Normal Tension, one black or Silver MJ Audio Capo, a MJ Audio Finger Exerciser, and a Chromatic Tuner that you can also use to tune your bass, violin, and ukulele. 


    • Olympia Strings HQC-2845N: Olympia classic guitar strings are built to last, and are ideal for virtually any classical guitar, and any skill level of musician, this set really comes alive at the deep end with a solid bottom.
    • MJ Audio MJ-400 Tuner: This tuner is great for tuning Guitars, Bass, Violins, and Ukuleles. It clips-on, and it has a 360 degree rotatable design. 
    • MJ Audio MJ-09 Guitar Capo: This capo fits most guitars it's easy to use, and it's also manufactured with premium materials for a durable and long-lasting life.
    • MJ Audio Finger Exerciser: One of the most important things a guitarist can do to improve their technique is to build up strength in their hands and fingers, this MJ Audio finger exerciser has a great grip, a perfect tension for your fingers, and its made with durable materials.