Ahead Single-sided Practice Pad with Mount - 10"

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Sick Gains for Your Hands

Hitting the practice pad is like hitting the gym. The exercises may seem boring at times, but you'll be amazed at what those gains will do come showtime. Fortunately, the Ahead AHPS's gum rubber surface provides the response of a real drumhead to keep practice interesting. Drummers noted how quiet the gum rubber was, which will be a boon to anyone with neighbors and loved ones nearby. The Ahead's soft, non-slip underside means you can use it on any hard surface - coffee tables to concrete - without damage.


Ahead Single-sided 7" Practice Pad Features:

  • Build chops for better performances
  • Great for marching and concert percussionists
  • Helpful for learning new music
  • Low volume protects your hearing, won't annoy neighbors and loved ones
  • Gum rubber surface provides a soft, natural drum response
  • Slip-resistant rubber bottom protects hard surfaces
  • 8mm stand adapter - mounts to standard cymbal stands
Keep your chops up in the off-season with the Ahead Single-sided 7" Practice Pad!

Tech Specs

  • Type:Mountable Practice pad
  • Material:Gum rubber surface
  • Format:Single-sided
  • Size:7"
  • Manufacturer Part Number:AHPS