Ahead Classic Series Drumsticks - 5B

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Ahead Drumsticks aluminum-core sticks are the perfect option for many drummers out there. They last 6-10 times longer than wood and are claimed to be safer on the wrists, safer on cymbals, and harder hitting with less effort. Ahead 5B Light Rock drumsticks are as thick as Ahead's 2Bs, but they are a little lighter in weight for extra speed for technical playing.

Ahead drumsticks: ahead of their time

Drummer and engineer Rick Grossman recognized a trend in sporting goods in the early 1990s. Traditional wood baseball bats and hockey sticks were being replaced with light and durable aluminum ones. Grossman wondered if the same technology could be applied to drumsticks. Grossman developed a prototype that his company eventually sold to Bob Kasha, and thus, the Ahead company was born. Ahead drumsticks have found favor among metal artists and heavy hitters across the globe, and today they can be seen in the hands of Lars Ulrich, Mick Fleetwood, and Tommy Lee, just to name a few.

Ahead 5B Light Rock Classic Series Drumsticks Features:
  • The only drumsticks with a 60-day warranty!
  • Lasts 6-10 times longer than traditional wood sticks
  • Lightweight, durable aerospace 7075 aluminum tube core
  • Vibration Reduction System (VRS) provides 50% less shock and 5% more rebound than wood
  • Safer on the wrists - great for carpal tunnel and arthritis sufferers
  • Provides harder strokes with less effort
  • Powder coated finish feels nice in the hands
  • Polyurethane shaft covers are easy to replace and recycle
  • Replaceable tips vary cymbal response instantly
  • Won't damage your equipment or void cymbal warranty
  • Manufactured to exact tolerances (+/- 1g) for the perfect pair every time