NEW! M-Live B Beat PRO 16 PLUS Multitrack audio and Mixer System with Wi-Fi

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  • Internal memory 1 Tb
  • 16 Separate outputs / 12 inputs
  • Sound Card (Win iOS) 12 in / 16 out
  • Click and metronome management
  • Prompter app for lyrics and sheet music

The new B Beat PRO16 PLUS plays Backing Tracks and Videos with Lyrics and Sheet Music, has a 12 in 16 out sound card, handles Playlists and Shows. B.BEAT reads and plays Music files in WAV, Multitrack Audio, Stems, Midi, Video Mp4, Mov and JPG formats. You can use Backing Tracks up to 24 Mono or 12 Stereo tracks, record up to 12 channels. B.BEAT PRO16 PLUS can store a high number of Backing Tracks. It has two HDMI outputs to transmit video synchronized to music and lyrics for on-stage prompter. You can upload sheet music and display it on Wi Fi connected Smart Devices. It has a digital mixer to adjust the 24 audio tracks, 16 separate outputs, click and headphone management. Remote control via App via Wi Fi or cable, Midi Clock send.

B.BEAT PRO 16 PLUS Includes a digital mixer to manage 24 tracks on 16 separate outputs, 12 inputs, a Headphone output for Click*, return from Mixer and Backing tracks. With the 16 outputs, the tracks that make up the Backing Tracks can be sent to the Stage Mixer. A Stereo or Mono audio signal can return to B.Beat from any source via the 12 available inputs, and B.Beat also recognizes the Click track and can route it to any of the 16 available outputs and simultaneously to the Headphone output*. When activating the headphone output with 4 handy potentiometers, the musician can balance in real time what he wants to hear on headphones during the performance.
*when activated, the headphone output uses two audio channels, so the available outputs become 14.

In addition, B.Beat PRO16 PLUS includes a real Sound Card 16 out and 12 IN, compatible with Windows and iOs. Thanks to the card you can use, together with B.Beat, a digitally connected pc channeling the outputs of the various tracks of B.Beat exactly as in the Daw. This function is very useful during Sound Check and in the rehearsal room, before transferring the Backing Tracks directly to B.Beat.

B.Beat is designed to have maximum reliability during LIVE performances. There is a special button on the [LIVE] panel that can be used the moment the Show starts because from that moment on, B.Beat’s processor will be committed to maximum performance without wasting resources. This minimizes the risk of unintentional crashes, and preserves the user from operating errors.
B.Beat PRO16 has a Synch system to use it in conjunction with Auto Switch systems that prevent stopping in case of a crash.

B.Beat PRO16 has two HDMI video outputs, this is because on stage there is often the need to have a Video Wall supporting musical performances, and at the same time the display of Lyrics in the Prompter version. Song lyrics can be written and synchronized very easily through the B.Beat Manager program. The same can be done with the Sheet Music, which can be uploaded as PDFs and for each instrument on the stage you can have a dedicated music sheet. The sheet music can be viewed on Smart Devices via Wi Fi.

Create your Backing Tracks using your Daw, and once you have finished your studio work you are ready to transfer your music to B.Beat PRO16. To do this, included is the B.Beat manager software that runs on Windows PCs and Macs. With the Manager you will assign outputs to the various tracks, and you can complete the editing by adjusting volumes as desired. If you have synchronized the videos to the music you can upload everything to B.Beat.

B.Beat can read MTA (multitrack Audio) format files produced and distributed by M-Live from the Song Service website. MTA Files are multitrack files that B.Beat reads at 8 stereo tracks.


Internal Audio File Format PCM (uncompressed) 48 kHz 24 bit
Compatible Audio formats being imported (which will be converted to the internal format) ● WAV 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz 16/14 bit
● MP3 fixed bit rate [64 - 320] kbps
● OGG fixed bit rate [64 - 320] kbps
● MTA M-Live
Internal Video Format H-264 HD / Full HD (1280 x 720 / 1920 x 1080)
Compatible Video Formats When Importing ● MP4
Compatible Image Formats JPG, PNG
Video resolution for text 1280 x 720
Digital Processing Internal Audio Outputs 16 channel D/A 24 Bit Sigma/Delta 48 kHz.
Typical S/N Ratio = 112 dB
Input ● 12 Line Inputs Jack 6.35 mm mono, unbalanced
● Impedance 10 kΩ
● Range 18dBu, 6 Vrms
● THD+N typical -93 dB
● SNR typical 107 dB
Digital processing Internal audio inputs 12 channel D/A 24 Bit Sigma/Delta 48 kHz.
Typical S/N ratio = 112 dB
Output ● 16 Audio Outputs Jack 6.35 mm mono, balanced
● Range 10dBu, 2.5 Vrms
● Range 20dBu, 5 Vrms (bilanciato)
● THD+N typical -94 dB
● SNR typical 112 dB
Display 2.4” OLED, 128x64, Monochrome
jack Headphone Output ● Stereo Output Jack 6.35 mm
● Typical SNR 105 dB
● Range 6dBu, 1.5 Vrms
Internal memory Internal memory 1TB
Network interface Ethernet outlet RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps
MIDI port MIDI OUT DIN 5-pin standard
MIDI IN via USB-MIDI cable (optional)
Pedal Switch Pedal N/O o N/C, Jack 6.35mm
Power supply 12VDC, 2A, max consumption 19W
Video 2x HDMI Type A output
Maximum resolution 1920x1080 with video
USB ports 2x USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Type A for Memory Stick, WiFi USB interface.
Max total current delivered for the two ports: 500mA
External power unit AC/DC Adapter Mod. 13/90288-00 INPUT 100-240VAC Freq 50-60Hz OUTPUT 12VDC - 2A