Laney Nexus SLS Bass Amplifier Head (500 Watts)

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Laney Nexus SLS Bass Amplifier Head

A small, highly powerful and ultra compact, reliable bass head. Part of the world renowned NEXUS range the Laney Nexus SLS Bass Head takes all the tone, power and flexibility bass players have come to expect from NEXUS and packages it into an ultraportable amp.

Great bass sound, all the time, every time!

It may be small and lightweight but it does not compromise on features or quality. The New NEXUS-SLS has not only won the battle against portability and versatility but its won the war on the balance between light in weight and heavy in sound.


This is a bass head designed with the player in mind, putting your mind at rest from the moment you plug in, and at a mere 4.5kg, very competitive and reasonable pricing it won't break your back or your bank!


We live in a day and age where the home studio is a near essential for the modern player and the incredible T-USB option on the Nexus SLS lets you connect right into your computer and becomes the digital interface between you and your music. Alongside the T-USB function there is the standard Jack input (HI & LO), D.I, Headphones, Mini Jack, FX Loop, Tuner, Footswitch and Output Loudspeaker.

Featuring all the standout features of the NEXUS-SL such as the amazingly powerful TILT EQ system and the unique feel of the TOUCH control the NEXUS-SLS offers a myriad of pro spec features.



  • Tilt is a dynamic, powerful SEE SAW EQ control. This control has a central neutral position. Turning the control clockwise increases the overall mid to high frequencies and decreases the lows thereby giving your sound more presence
  • The T-USB interface supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal
  • A re-amp socket works in conjunction with the T-USB feature on an amp and allows the original dry (left channel) signal to be re-routed back through the pre-amp and be sonically altered.
  • Class D + tube hybrid power stage
  • Pro DI - selectable Pre, Post or Output



- Aux In: Mini Jack
- Channels: Single
- DI Socket: Pro DI - selectable Pre, Post or Output
- Effects: Dedicated Bass Reverb & Chorus, Octave & Fifth
- Equalization: 3 Band EQ with Swept Mid
- FX Loop(s): Selectable
- Headphone Socket: Stereo Jack, independent Volume & Source selector
- Inputs: Hi & Lo
- Packed Dimensions (HxWxD): 70 x 318 x 235mm
- Power: 500W into 4 Ohms
- Preamp Valves: ECC83
- Reverb: HQ Digital Reverb
- Speaker connections: 1 x Neutrik Combi - jack/speakon connector for extension cabinet
- Weight: 4.5kg
- Input: Hi, Lo
- Digital FX: Reverb, Chorus, Octave, 5th
- 4 Preset EQ: Shape Control
- 3 Band EQ: With Swept Mid
- Gain, Volume, Tilt: Valve/Indicator Light
- D.I Output: D.I Level Control
- Aux In: Aux Level Control
- FX Loop: Send & Return